Build rapport with your landlord

Build rapport with your landlord

We understand that the market is a competitive one. So, once you’ve secured a rental property it’s important to build a good rapport with your landlord. You want to ensure you are a great tenant so they will not only continue your tenancy, but also recommend you to future landlords. To help you with your journey, we’ve got five top tips on how to do just that:

1. Communicate, plan and schedule your first inspection

Ahead of moving into your new home, confirm with your landlord how they’d prefer to communicate; via email, text or phone call. Next, if you haven’t already finalised a pre-inspection, it’s a great idea to schedule one in. This should take place with yourself, other tenants and the landlord. You’ll have the opportunity to go through the property, take pictures of blemishes and note down anything which wouldn’t normally pass an inspection. It pays to check if there are working smoke alarms installed and obtain the insulation report. Make sure you keep a copy of all images and documentation, just in case you end up at odds with the owner.

2. Ongoing inspections

Inspections normally take place on a bi-annual or quarterly basis. Remember that an inspection only requires 48 hours’ notice from the landlord, also it can only take place between 8am and 7pm. It’s a short notice period, so it’s best to form a good relationship with your landlord, to ensure you’re not caught off guard.

3. Be prepared

Ahead of your inspection, take the opportunity to note down anything which isn’t quite right after living in the home, e.g. non -functional appliances such as: heat pump, oven, dishwasher. If you’re unable to be present for the inspection you can always download this form and fill in the details (on page 7), or leave a note for your landlord should there be any issues.

4. Follow-up

Always be courteous. It’s important to follow-up with your landlord and ask them how the inspection went. Find out if there is any feedback or changes they’d like to make to how you treat the property. This is also an appropriate time to follow up on any changes you’ve asked the landlord to make following the initial property inspection.

If you need some things fixed and these have been agreed upon by the landlord, it’s reasonable to expect these to be completed within 30 days, unless communicated otherwise. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the lease agreement if you’re unsure.

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