Lobster and Bacon?

20 Jun

Can it be done? Will the infrastructure hold? Are there enough napkins?! Damn it man, we won’t know until we try.


Cinco De Mayo

3 May

Oh, did we tell you we were putting on the gloves for a taco throw down courtesy of Taza Chocolate’s cinco de mayo block party this Sunday? Huh, swear we would have mentioned that. The Taco Truck out of Boston is gonna put us through the paces. Special menu items will include cold lobster taco with hot chile butter, Taza chipotle chocolate horchata and Guajillo Chocolate Saigon pork.


Saigon Pork taco

15 Mar


New Spot @ Harbor Loop!

1 Feb

We are grinding out all our pre-season prep so we can hit the new spot ASAP. Can’t wait to be back on the road!




29 Jan

The Bidding Season. So nerve wracking. Blind Bid. I know which spot I want, but not who else wants it. Being on the street is most valuable as a catering sales outpost, and so picking and winning the most visible spot gives me no little anxiety. But the perspective is that my boy is getting one on one swimming instruction and a precious coffee date after. Soon enough there won’t be enough time to sit here.




Time to Book the Tacos

24 Jan


This frigid day needs some mental warmth. So I’m thinking warm thoughts by booking up as many festies as I can. I love seeing a full calendar.

Closed for the Season

11 Nov

We are always available for private parties of all sorts. Contact us for info.

Thank you all for a great season- see you in the spring.

Fall Schedule

4 Sep

New Fall Hours
Tuesday – Friday
11ish – 2ish

September 4 Bread & Roses Festival in Lawrence

September 6 Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

September 13 Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

September 15 Gloucester Block Party

September 22 Food Truck Festival New England at Suffolk Downs

September 29 & 30 Gran Prix of Gloucester

October 6 Food Truck Festival New England in Framingham

October 13 Rockport HarvestFest

October 20 Essex Clam Fest

Late night tacos

7 Jul

We will be at Fisherman’s Warf tonight until the bars close!

Damn Generator

1 Apr

We are waiting for our generator to be fixed and some electrical updates to be made and will continue to be closed for the next few days. Sorry if you can’t help with your taco cravings.


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